I lost my late husband in 2009 due to complications from the H1N1 virus.   I was left  to raise our two children with one on the way, without him.  Grieving often made me feel like I was Crazy. Plus I have Crazy curly red hair. At the time I would spend my days caring, comforting, and loving on our children. By the end of the day when I needed the most comforting, there was no one to hold me, except for the comforting embrace of the warm water in the tub. It was in this tub that the Crazy Red Haired Lady was born. 
I created each bath for all the things I needed. Tired Sass - for Rejuvenation, Sick Sass- for colds, coughs, and fevers, and Empower your Sass- For courage to keep going while filling my body with the intent that I am worthy, Sassy, and Beautiful. Since then I have added to my line of baths, with Spritzers, Teas, tea accessories, and coming soon, Skin care and Massage oils.  Each one of my creations are held with intention for you and your highest good.  I pray over, Reiki, and sing to all of my ingredients. While wrapping you in a Divine hug full of Love, Comfort, Courage and Sass. My hope is that when you reach for your bath, tea, spritzer, body care product, you feel and know that without a doubt, The Crazy Red Haired Lady believes in You and thinks you are Divine!.